Generic Remote conflict - how to avoid guide...

Any tips on how to avoid conflict setting up multiple generic remote?

I’m in the process of creating a generic remote for my AKAI APC40 midi controller and an other for my Behringer BCR2000. And possibly an other one later for a LIVID Base midi controller. What I’m wondering is if i risk running into conflicts if lets say 2 units ends up sending the same midi message(e.g. B0 41 7F) to 2 different generic remote assign to different task of course? Are these generic remote totally independent from one an other? I ask cause it’s gonna take a while to set this up and it’s very tedious. Any guidelines? Thanks

They are completely separate.

As far as guidelines, there’re a couple things to keep in mind.

  1. The GR sees the tracks in the numerical order in which they appear in the project.

If you have faders set up for, say,
Track 1:Vocal
2: cello
4:Mongolian Shepard’s Pie

and you move the Vocal track so that it’s below Mongolian Shepard’s Pie. the fader assigned to track 1 will still control track 1, but it will be cello there, and on track 2 you’ll have Gadulka, and on track 3 you will have Mongolian Shepard’s Pie.

3:Mongolian Shepard’s Pie

  1. You have to export the GR in order to save it. It will not be saved with the project per se, rather, the last imported or exported remote setup will automatically be loaded when the program starts or the Generic Remote control is added in the Studio Setup dialog.

Wow! That was quick! Thanks for that. And it’s gonna make my life much easier knowing they are completely separate.

And yes i heard about the fader and track order problem. That’s why i don’t intend to use generic remote for faders at all. The BCR will handle the channel stripe, EQ etc… set up as “selected” in GR so it changes to what ever track I’ve selected. The AKAI will do other/similar things. As for faders, the LIVID Base editor should allow me to set them up by banks of 8 etc. All without the need for generic remote i hope.

In case anyone is wondering how i use the APC40 with GR? I use Bome’s Midi Translator + a virtual midi port between the APC and Cubase. That’s the really tedious part since the APC is locked and specifically programmed to be used with Ableton Live.

Thanks again.