Generic Remote control command list or tree

Do you know where I can find a list of the generic remote control command?
I must say that the dropdown window in Cubase is not user friendly and I cannot find what I need, in my case I want to to load the audio performance window (I know F12)

Thank you

I have searched the commands in the key commands window.

That’s pretty much it.

yeah - unfortunately the best way to find things seems to be via searching in the Key Command window, but that’s not always satisfying because:

  • some commands are available in the Generic Remote, but not as Key Command. For example:
    Bypass Audio Inserts on an Instrument track is not available as Key Command, but can be done via the Generic Remote
  • some commands are named differently
    – toggling the Audio Performance Window is called
    — In the Generic Remote: Command > Devices > VST Performance
    — As Key Command: Devices > Audio Performance
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Nico5, THANK YOU, without you I would never guess it was this.

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A map like the Live Object Model would be brilliant! on so many levels esp when planning workflows.
ie I cant believe there is not previous/next cycle marker :-\ (frowns in disbelief)…I do love cubase but I must use it differently to others as its one of the first things I went to implement for zoom&move page…of course someone please correct me if I have missed it.

2nd amazing miss is AB for plugins…wow I dont know how fluid tweaking is done without reference.

BTW the Razer Tartarus 2 is amazing for DAW use I must say (with some Bome)…pity there are a lot of missing pieces in remote control

This helps a little