Generic Remote editor shifts channels

When using the generic remote editor to map certain midi knobs to certain plugins on certain channels, the channels shift when inserting or deleting channels


  1. create an empty project
  2. create 8 outputs
  3. insert a plugin on each output
  4. map a value of that insert to a midi controller knob
  5. press apply and EXPORT the template

When looking at the template, it sohould now look something like

plugin1 - output 1 - volume
Plugin2 - output 2 - volume

Now create an instrument channel, let’s INST1
go back into the editor, you will see that all OUTPUTS have shifted 1 position down

so knob 1 of the controller is now

plugin1 - INST1 - volume
Plugin2 - output 1 - volume
plugin3 - output 2 - voulme

This renders the Generic Remote Editor useless if you are still adding and deleting channels, because after any channel change, or re-arrange the generic editor points to the wrong channels.

SOLUTION: tie the Generic controller to the relative channel names, rather than absolute channel number
currently if you define a controller to cha5, it stays on channel 5, rather than being tied with whatever cha5 represents at the moment you define the controller.

yeah this has been requested ever since GR was around… years and years?

it’s not just channels but also the exact position of a plugin within a channel. ie. you move a plugin into another insert on the same channel -> you’ve lost everything (and this also concerns quickcontrols btw. furthermore, the quickcontrols presets feature that was recently added is, also, tied to the exact insert slot. so for instance, if you save a QC preset that references a parameter in plugin X in slot #2, then load plugin X in slot #1, then load your QC preset, it will not work. you would literally have to try out all the insert slot positions. whoever thinks this is ‘workflow’ should think a bit harder.)