Generic Remote forgets Lemur Daemon midi ports on Mac

Hello everyone,

I have a tablet (with C_Brains loaded in Lemur) connected as a generic remote device in Cubase 9 Pro. Everything works smooth and fine, the only thing is that when I open Cubase, it keeps forgetting the midi input and output assignments for the tablet, so I always have to set it again in Device Setup.
Does anyone know why it happens?

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!


Same issue here with C_Brains & qb-Edit. They only seem to go missing when i restart or shut down, not sure how to solve this :cry:

It seems a lot of us have this problem and here is the answer from the guys of MidiKinetics that are aware of this bug. Their solution didn’t work for me, maybe there is something I did wrong. Please Blunt let me know if this works for you:

“This is a widely known and very irritating problem of Cubase on macOS (I’m assuming you are on macOS) that has been with us since at least version 6.5.
The solution that seems to work for most people, is to make sure to load your Generic Remotes, make the settings, hit apply, export them, hit apply, reimport them, then apply again.”

Is this an actual or virtual midi port?

Not sure about this but I think it’s a virtual one, my tablet (Asus ZenPad with C_Brains loaded on Lemur) is connected via wifi to my mac and this connection, along with the generation of midi ports, is handled by the mac app Lemur Daemon.

I’m on Windows, so i don’t know how much help this is going to be…

If Cubase is seeing midi ports otherwise, I would check in the Lemur forum in regard to the Lemur Daemon.

I edited the topic title so it is more specific, hopefully someone with Mac/Lemur combo will chime in.

I can chime in here… there’s nothing wrong with Cubase. This is a bug (or rather, poor implementation) on Liine’s part. Their virtual MIDI ports don’t get reassigned the same CoreMIDI unique ID (which they should, as outlined in Apple’s CoreMIDI documentation) so even though they have the same “name,” every time you reboot or quit/relaunch the Lemur Daemon, Cubase sees all new MIDI ports.

How do I know this? I actually coded my own daemon app to circumvent this issue (plus many others) after researching the issue. (EDIT: But there’s a workaround I posted two posts below)

You can try submitting a bug report to Liine but Lemur is almost looking like abandonware these days. There has been almost no interest shown by the developers in over 2 years to maintain the product, fix bugs, or introduce new features. :cry:

Thank you orchetect for you help, unfortunately I’m not able to code so I think I’ll keep going to Device Setup to modify the midi assignments until I find another workaround.
Midi Kinetics also told me that a composer they know solved it by building a script which “automatically moves the mouse into the correct place, click the button, select the port, etc.”.
The curious thing is that their first advice (“make the settings, hit apply, export them, hit apply, reimport them, then apply again” ) seems to be working for some people.

On the Mac there’s actually a pretty easy workaround for this.

IAC MIDI busses (set up in /Applications/Utilities/Audio MIDI remain static and Cubase will always remember them.

So instead of setting up Lemur Daemon to use its virtual MIDI ports (Daemon Input 0, Daemon Output 0 etc. - all of which Cubase will forget), point them to an IAC bus for each input/output pair you want to use.

I took some screenshots to help explain.

**1. Open Audio MIDI Setup

  • Double click “IAC Driver” icon
  • Click the plus (+) button and name the new entry “Lemur”.

    You need one entry for each Daemon MIDI port pair you use. If you only use one in/out pair then just call it “Lemur”. If you have more than one, label them so they’re easy to identify.

    “Lemur” (will cover both Daemon Input 0 and Daemon Output 0, if that’s all you’re using)


    “Lemur 0” (will cover both Daemon Input 0 and Daemon Output 0)
    “Lemur 1” (will cover both Daemon Input 1 and Daemon Output 1)
    “Lemur 2” (will cover both Daemon Input 2 and Daemon Output 2)

  1. Then set up Lemur Daemon to connect to your IAC busses instead of “Daemon Input 0”/“Daemon Output 0”, etc.

  2. Then point your Generic Remote in Cubase to the IAC MIDI port for input and output.


Thank you so much orchetect, your solution perfectly works.
Now I have to figure out why Lemur Daemon forgets the IAC Connection at startup, but it already happened in the past and the problem solved itself without my intervention. It seems to me that Lemur Dameon just needs a few restart to properly remember it’s connections.
Thank you again!


Just found a solution to the Lemur Daemon forgetting the ports: I solved it be settings midi connections (to IAC driver) by using the Lemur app on my tablet that successfully stores every connection data.

This doesn’t work for (lemur) mackie control ports. settings are reset after a reboot. :frowning: