Generic Remote limited to 1024 entries

We’re developing a Lemur-based controller for Nuendo and have run up against an annoying issue. If you try to import an Generic Remote XML into Nuendo which has more than 1024 midi controls then Nuendo crashes (same behaviour if you try to add a 1025th controller within Nuendo).

We can create multiple generic remotes to get round this, but Nuendo always forgets the midi I/O on a machine restart (an OS issue rather than Nuendo I believe) – we currently need 14x Generic Remotes to run the system so this is a bit of a pain!

Any chance of upping the max midi control count for each remote? Trebling it would give us enough to halve the amount of I/Os we need to establish on a machine restart.

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I’m having the same issue in Cubase 10.5.