GENERIC REMOTE; Macro functions

Often there are repetitive tasks involving calibration etc.
I use a Brauer type setup where I want to calibrate a particular channel strip setup per buss. This involves

  • Turn the control room buss off
  • Having a 1k test tone turn on from a utility group track
  • opening up vu meters that are templated at the end of each plugin stript ie 5 of them (hardwired into position)
  • Adjust the imput/compression etc and other plugins on each strip to maintain consistent -18db outputs

Since the keyboard/macros dont seem to give access to the inserts required (that I could see) and to generic remote events cant be duplicated (seems to only trigger the first event and swallow the rest) I would like to suggest a simple way to trigger multiple events as macros from within the generic remote controller…unless there is another way to do this?

Simple repetitive tasks need workflow tools like this