Generic Remote madness Solved!

I have got myself into a pickle with generic remotes and 9.5.
I had it all working beautifully in different configurations over the last 18 months using various controllers.
I added a Behringer xtouch compact (mackie mode) for the motorized faders and decided to overhaul my generic remote mappings.
That’s when things started getting flakey.
I started to see numerous pop ups one after the other about saving changes to generic remote when I had made no changes.
Then Cubase would crash.
Without going into all of the strange behaviour I had not seen before I decided to trash preferences and start again.
No luck. Still couldn’t set a remote up without crashing. I can’t select an input for it either half the time.
Still getting continuous saving pop ups without making changes then serious error crash.
I unplugged all the controllers and restarted the computer. Deleted the mackie controller.
Same deal with nothing connected.
I now cannot seemingly do anything in the remote setup without causing a crash.
The only things that changed was the addition of the behringer which does not install a driver and it is presently unplugged.
I am(was) pretty confident in the generic remote setup, now I haven’t got a clue what to do to fix this issue.
Any one have any ideas?

Ok for the benefit of any others who have a similar problem and I did read an unanswered post on VI control forum where a user said he was seeing blinking and crashing in the generic remote set up.
I was also seeing this.
It was a faulty usb device somewhere in my setup.
I figured this out by going to device manager and it was constantly refreshing.
I suspect it is either my board or a USB 3 hub I have connected as I pulled everything from the hub and the refreshing stopped.
I had a quick poke around in the generic remote setup and it seems totally fine now.
I haven’t got time to investigate exactly what it is but wanted to post that this is solved (as far as Cubase is concerned) before I go to work.