Generic Remote - Mapping a control based on direction turned - possible?

So, i was re-purposing an Ableton Live controller i have using a script called PXT-General, and it opens it up as a general Note/CC controller or MCU mode controller - works great.

However, there’s a few knobs on the push, one of them i would like to use to browse media bay/presets - so if turning clockwise it goes down the list, anti-clockwise it goes up. (I’d map to either navigation controls or preset up/down)

However, I can’t work out if there’s a way of doing this in the generic remote editor, as there’s only a max value to define the mapping trigger. It feels like I need two entries for the same control, depending on the direction turned to be able to map it to up/down functions.

Anyone tried this and had a solution? Thanks.

I think that’s all there is, unfortunately. You’d have to devote one knob to up and another to down.

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Thanks Steve, Conclusion I came to also. I guess using a virtual port and converting the turns to different MIDI CC vals is the solution, seems a bit overkill. But I may just try it, to see if it’s something I’d use - I quite like that feature of the CC121 AI knob.

Perhaps it’s something that will be in the new MIDI API, if not - anyone reading - Yes please, would like this option! :slight_smile: