Generic Remote mapping

Hi all,
I’m mapping midi controller messages (from lemur on iPad) to select midi tracks.
In generic remote setup(studio setup->generic remote), in the down table I assign the track in change/category field and “mixer” in “device” column.
The problem, arises when I add some track to the project, the mapping is changed, it’s moved so I have to re-map all the tracks.
Is there some way to fix the mapping despite I add or remove tracks?.

Thank you.

unfortunately this is one of the big design-flaws of the bastard feature (quote of a steinberg representant here on the forum years ago) generic remote.

Bufff, then I have to make a template full of tracks and pray for not needing more…
And remember do not remove any track… :cry:

What a big flaw…

Thank you Elien.

My little workaround (still a fragment of what I wanted) is to just set up for controlling a single track - the selected track. At least this way I have access to the correctly selected track via the remote controller.

I also have Euphonics/Avid Artist Controllers - they work great and adding channels is automatically reflected. Unforntuately Steinberg is neglecting these controllers for ages now in an important area: Track visibility. The controllers do not mirror what the hide/show states in Cubase do. This is extremely annoying.

I cope with this on a project by project basis. While my GRs are generally OK, the substitution issue requires that I tweak the GR a bit to make sure the Faders line up with the tracks I want to write some automation on (typically volume). I wish Cubase didn’t behave this way. IMHO, it is a flaw in the program and, apparently, one of long-standing concern.

While the “banks” do work to a degree, Cubase always seems to substitute what’s currently in the Project with what is in the GR file. As a result, each project has to be tweaked to make the GR automate things. It can get very confusing and the OM is very opaque on the topic.

In some ideal world, I’d be able to select channels, right click, and from a menu choose, “assign channels to controller” and somehow Cubase would “know” to assign the faders on the MIDI Controller to the tracks. (or something like that – pass the duchy on the left hand side :wink: )

That or some kind of DANTE-like assignment grid that featured a simple cascade assign…
Maybe not exactly this, but something like this.

One day…

The good news is Avid is releasing new controllers and working with Steinberg on a Eucon update to support them. In the process of this, Avid has been asking about bugs or missing features in the current Eucon implementation in Cubendo. The track visibility thing was raised in the Avid forums as one of the issues that needs to be resolved. Short version: it’s suddenly very likely that a Eucon update is on the horizon for Cubase and Nuendo users that fixes this issue.

Sadly, no. From which I gave up using anything related to the ‘mixer’ category, among others, in GR definitions. This is an everlasting bug (at least, since Cubase SL/SX days, which means 15 years ago…) that has never been acknowledged, let alone fixed. It’s absolutly incredible, and this is the kind of persisting half baked feature that make a non negligible amount of Cubase users to look more and more at “the other side of the fence”. I also gave up hoping that the Steiny headquarters crew would swallow their pride and fix that one, once for all…

EDIT : talking about the Generic Remote, there is also this one, by the way… :unamused:

thank you all.
For my purposes I could do a very hard work using a Project Logical Editor and creating a new preset for each track. The preset should be:
Media Type is -> Equal -> MIDI -> And
Name -> Contains -> (track name here)
Function -> Select

Then in generic remote map the sent lemur button message to device=command, category=Process Project Logical Editor and value/action=“the preset created with the track name”.

I think that the assignation is unaltered removing and adding tracks. But as I said it’s a hard work if you have a template with a huge number of tracks.

I need this track selection because the midi track then sends messages to VEP to enabling/disabling the plugins and to select articulations.

At the “end” of the GR discussions years ago, Steiny introduced the Quick Controls - and thought, that would be it.

Oh, not to forget EUCON implemenation. They did that and neglected it soon… (is there really hope on the horizon?)


Farout. I can’t believe this problem. Just came across it myself after editing my midi controllers and mapping them to my template… Really hope this one gets fixed as it should be expected to be able to do this without such a problem rendering Midi mapping unusable.

A note to people setting this up in the meantime (before it gets fixed) - If it’s a viable option, put all the tracks that you are controlling at the top of your template session. You can add or remove tracks below the midi mapped tracks and it wont change the mapping.

Just reopend the same session today and all of the assignments have been reset to defaults… Also in the template session that I’d saved after completing the assignments. What is that about?.. Really disappointed now.
Running Cubase 10.

You need a steinberg remote SDK to get something useful out of a remote controller in cubase. It’s coding in C++ (i think it maybe C). You also need to write NDA to get it. Frontier Design did some nice gear with that SDK. Nektar also has done that but it’s mostly crap. (Both hardware and software) Even AVID’s eucon seems to be such device. But it is bit of a mystery whey Steinberg are so secrecy about it and let their customer live the embarrassing poor systems. The only thing is that are forced in to the hands of Steinbergs competitors that are very successful in their market with excellent remote controllers (however at a silly price point).

I’ve been using the generic remote for years and programming it is in the dark ages! That said, I now have a Midi Fighter Twister that I use as a “Console 1” inspired channel controller. I put several plugins I use, namely (starting on insert 4 so I can add plugins before and after), Fab Filter C, RVox, Puigchild 670, CLA-2A, VEQ4, SSL EQ, Puigtec EQP1A and Fab Filter ProQ3. I then save an insert preset and load when necessary (I WISH there was a key command for that). I’ve mapped everything to my Midi Fighter Twister via the generic remote (took forever), I also added a second GR with just the edit parameter for each entry so that when ever I touch a knob the GUI comes up. It took a while but it’s very intuitive for bread and butter eq/compression needs.
I did a short (fairly terrible and it’s changed a lot but you get the idea) video here:

All this said, the generic controller is still ARCHAIC!

Impressive work. Nice set-up. Thanks for posting about it.