generic remote -midi out from vst??

im really sorry if somewhere youve discussed this a thousand times, but ive spend all day trying to figure this out and read tons of post on forums etc but i cant seem to find an answer for my this specific question, so really hope you guys will help; i want to set up my hardware controller (behringer bcr2000) for use with different softsynths, and i want to use the internal banks and groups in the controller. so to program it i need a midi signal from the vst to the controller, so when i tweak a button in the vst its recieved on the BCR… but… how?? i dont get it, ive tried connecting it directly via usb and with midi via my fireface uc interface, and i can easily get a signal FROM the controller but not the other way…?

hope somebody will help, i tried figuring this out once before a while back, and my BCR just ended up on a shelf hehe, but since it seems to be such a simple problem i cant see why there shouldnt be a very simple solution, and i really want it to work this time!! :stuck_out_tongue:



Are you saying you want to change the bank of the controller from the DAW?
You need a midi track with your bank changes recorded, and that track’s output set to your BCF. Or, set the midi track output to the output of your FireFace and midi cable it to the input of your bcf, with BCF set Thru=Off.