Generic Remote More User friendly

I’m am hopping that the generic remote is made more user friendly. the ability to copy and paste. A way for us to map bank switching, and lock certain feature maps in no matter what is loaded on to the track number be it audio or group. It I set up a map to alter the settings of an insert such as editing a plug in want that to save no matter which plug i load. Also a more easier method of knowing what each function does. I shouldn’t have to trial and error to find what makes what do what.

Yes please !

The generic remote needs a big overhaul indeed… Copy paste is for sure missing, but I would equally wish for the bank switching feature and to add much more key commands for control room (how do you create a cue mix with it ?).
Add a much bigger and normal window as well. It shouldn’t be tied to the devices window.

I’m using the generic remote at the moment since it is better in some aspects to Mackie Control mode (Vu meters for instance).