Generic Remote parameters


Using Lemur for iPad, I was wondering if it was possible in Cubase to do the following (using Generic Remote or any other method):

  1. Use a remote MIDI fader to target a specific, named fader in the MixConsole, e.g. have a remote fader always move the fader on the track called “Video Mix”. I can remotely mute/unmute it with the Project Logical Editor but I can’t find a way to do this with fader levels.

  2. Send a parameter from a fader or knob which will set a value in the Logical Editor, such as “Set relative Random Values between”.


Yes you can using the generic remote.
Set up a controller in the upper section, select it in the lower section, assign to vst mixer, and here you can define what track it’s going to control.

To get full reliability I suggest you implement the concept into your basic template to make it always work correctly.

This is actually a very good thing to have and I will have to add to my layout shortly.

Here’s my layout currently, it’s far from done but it does help me in what I do.

Thanks a lot, fader control works indeed. Any ideas on sending other parameters to Cubase functions? Is it at all possible?

There’s a lot that can be done, some that you can’t, and some “newish” stuff that still isn’t implemented in the generic remote which infuriates me (like the built in filters).

AFAIK all key commands in the keycommands window can be triggered, and a multitude of special stuff like things in the control room targeting the selected channel and much more.
There is also the stuff that can’t be dealt this way, then Lemur and hard work to the rescue, as it can even send straight keycommands (not via the generic remote midi) it’s not 100%supported with all setups though! but so you can access newly built functionality that have fixed KC functionality that can’t be accessed via the keycommands menu.

But there are issues. Many functions are toggle, or even multi state toggle functions that does not send out the resultant state over midi making it harder to get it all to sync between the lemur and the application. Not impossible, but rather complex.
Example is some automation functions like fill loop, the select multi toggle tool (standard KC is “1”).

But, there is a but. You really have to dedicate yourself to make it work, and after it is complete force yourself to work with it, or you will have spent all that precious time without getting anything back.

It’s easy to loose a lot of time fiddling with these types of things.

I agree that this is time consuming, but I’ve been using Actions on iPad for a lot of my usual shortcuts and have moved on to Lemur when I realized I couldn’t work without the iPad anymore :slight_smile: I stopped trying to remember keyboard shortcuts of which there are zillions and I work much faster now. With Lemur, I pay attention not to get lost in stuff I’ll never use (such as faders or EQ which, for me, are much easier to control with the mouse).

I know of course that most key commands can be sent from Lemur via the Genetic Remote, and this has been working just fine so far. But what seems impossible right now is to send a value which would then be accessible to Cubase as a variable. Back to my original example, I have 4 Logical Editor presets which randomize note start position with 4 different values in ticks (10, 20, 50, 100). I had Actions configured to trigger this via 4 different keyboard shortcuts and all was well. When you delve into something like Lemur, you can’t help imagining a button called “randomize” with a knob next to it which would select the tick parameter to any value you want. Hence my question…