Generic Remote preset locations?

In Cubase 7-8, I’ve had 3 custom Generic Remotes that I made for using a custom iPad lemur interface with. After upgrading to 8.5, the remotes are still in the device setup, but all the programming has been reset to what I guess are the default generic values.

I also can’t start Cubase 8 anymore without it crashing so I’m not able to go in and Export the mappings. I tried to find the location of the preferences file for Generic Remotes from this article

but was unsuccessful. Any ideas on how I can recover the mappings from my older versions? The preference folders are still there for 7, 7.5, and 8.



If you delete your Cubase 8.5 Preferences folder and start Cubase 8.5 then, the Preferences from Cubase 8 will be merged to Cubase 8.5. But, be carefull, please. Backup your Cubase 8.5 Preferences folder first, please. As you said, you cannot run your Cubase 8 anymore. Could be, you cannot start even Cubase 8.5 after talking the Preferences from Cubase 8 to Cubase 8.5.

unfortunately I’ve adjusted some things since switching to 8.5 so that’s not really an option. But thankfully I had backed up my remotes and found the files and imported them so all is good.

Still would be nice to know where those remote files hang out for future troubleshooting.