Generic Remote question, when assigning

Say I setup a generic remote, and assign a knob on a controller to change the volume of an audio channel… everything works great. but say I then add a new audio channel into the project, it moves all my assignments up 1 channel. is there any way to lock assignments to a specific channel and not have it change when adding new chans?

This has been talked about before. I don’t think you can lock them, it is the nature of the generic remote and how cubase is set up to use it.
I see people have set up project templates with all the channel assignments, that works good, but remember as soon as you add another audio channel, it will be goofed again.

That is the main problem with Generic Remote.

I ´ve my set up with Macie MCU Pro and BCR 2000 with Generic Remote(as CC121 alternative).
I work with the selected option in generic remote.
I have buttons on the BCR who select the channels up and down in the mixer.
Then the left rotarys of my BCR can control the Channel EQs.
Other encoder control my Control Room in cubase.
For this option it is important to save presets for the control room in the vst connections studio tab.
Then the controls for the control room are eqal and is not just load the preset in the studio tab.

thanks for confirming for me… i guess what i’ll do is set a bank of hidden channels at the start of my project, then use quick sends to adjust the volume of different channels. then as long as i dont move those channels everything will be fine!

Which controller do you use??

I don’t have a midi controller exactly, what i do is map NRPN data from my andromeda a6 keyboard… every knob is assignable and each one is 5000 step NRPN, which is great for volume adjustments etc.

I use the NRPN 14Bit from my BCR 2000 GR Preset for Channel EQs and Quick Controls:

The only way around this is to use “selected channel” and work on one channel at a time. It actually works quite well…