Generic Remote question

Hello wise forum-people!

since there is no really good documentation on that I would like to ask you this:

In Device > Midi Mixer, Category > Selected (or any other) I see the Value/Action > “Name” - any idea what this one suppose to do?
I’ve tried numerous options but it seems to me this does nothing or I am missing a bit here. Same goes for the Value/Action > “Selected”, I just can’t follow the logic behind.

Thanks for your help!


“Selected” is referring to the selected Track so if you set the variable to Volume your hardware knob will change the volume of the selected track. Select another Track and now that’s the Track that has its volume changed.

Hi Ulf,

please read my question again, you are talking about the “Selected” in the Category column and this is clear to me, I’m asking about the “Selected” or “Name” in the Value/Action column.

Thanks anyway! :wink:


C’mon peeps, really? - you know that one, I’m sure!
Share the secret please :wink:


It selects the track set in the Category/Channel column. As in ‘Make this track selected’

Thanks Steve!

That’s makes sense and explains the “Selected” Value but what about the “Name” Value/Action in the Midi Mixer?
This one I can wrap my head around.

Nothing, as far as I can see.

since this option is only there (Midi Mixer) could be just a leftover from a programming phase with the generic placeholder name “Name”.
Thanks for the input Steve!