Generic Remote: "Score Symbol Palettes" category / "Note Symbols Editor"

This shouldn’t be here:

I’m talking about the “Note Symbols Editor” item in the “Score Symbol Palettes” category.

And why shouldn’t this be there? :thinking:

Edit: indeed it should not be there.
But I was expecting you to ask: what is or where is “Note Symbols Editor”? in the first place!

:point_right:t4: I think it was a new feature intended to be implemented, but finally removed. What you see is apparently a leftover.

I wouldn’t be worthy to be called a Cubase user if I didn’t know where to find the “Note Symbols” editor.

I just wanted to let people know. Maybe other users will also wonder at some point…
Initially I thought it might be something wrong with my cpr file (or my preferences).

There is no Note Symbols Editor in Cubase!

It’s not called that way, but it is a “Note Symbols” editor, or just a “Symbols” editor.

Proof (picture)

This is “User Symbols” editor.
Note Symbols Editor was supposed to be another (new) feature.

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