Generic Remote, select track command?

Hi All

I want to use the generic remote to select and highlight a track by name, can’t find a command to do that. I found the “Command,Edit,Open VST Instrument editor”, command, but now I need a way to select that track remotely (with a footswitch to be accurate). Any ideas anyone?

Best Regards, Dave

I don’t think it can be done. One idea for a workaround is to change in preferences so you get “track selection follows event selection”.
Track selection is totally fucked up with any remote. There is no toggle section. If you press select on a MCU it select the channel. It seems to be doing that to send it to the gui component. If the gui component has keyboard focus you can send shift and do add. So your remote cant work without your mouse and keyboard.

I want to use the generic remote to select and highlight a track by name

Create a PLE preset with filter target Name, function select. Then launch from Generic Remote

That’s a great tip, Steve. Thanks. I’d never thought about doing that. It opens many useful possibilities for me. I’ll experiment with it. :exclamation:

Hi Steve

What I idiotically forgot to mention is that this is in Elements, which I use on stage, so PLE isn’t an option, great idea though. Sounds like I might be screwed on this one, could possibly klutz it using ahk, but it’s not that serious, thanks anyway guys.

Best Regards, Dave