Generic remote settings export from cubase LE 9.5 to Elements 10

Hi there! Just upgraded my Cubase to Elements 10 from older version to have more than 16 tracks. :slight_smile: I use it for mixing solely with my controller for better workflow, spent a LOT of time assigning everything correctly, from track mutes/solo to all physical 32 knobs for EQ VST parameters etc…

So first thing was importing .XML settings, but I realised “Generic Remote” section is quite different than in 9.5 (plus additional VST Quick Controls which i haven’t figured out yet). When I tried to import settings file it didn’t work, so I guess it’s not compatible anymore with ver. 10? Is there some workaround to import all the carefully crafted settings or I have to go through this painfull process again knob-by-knob?? :frowning:



What exactly didn’t work, please?

This version probably doesn’t have Profiles, right? That would be the way, how to transfer the settings.