Generic Remote setup question

Hello, I am making a generic remote setup for easy access to mixing functions. I can’t seem to find certain commands in the lower part of the generic remote setup, that define the actual routing to the cubase functions.

I’d like to assign my edirol pcr pad buttons so that every group channel has a mute button assigned to it. Under which “tree” do I find this?
→ it appears that to assign functions to specific channel types, the channels need to be present in the current project for them to appear in the generic remote list of assignable targets. Routing this command goes as follows: in the bottom window of the generic remote setup: Device:Mixer, Channel/Category: Group X, Value/Action: Mute.

I’d like to assign buttons to switch between different studio monitors.
I have the different monitor outs set up in VST connections of course, but how can I set up generic remote in conjunction with this?
I have now set this in generic remote: control name = ‘monitor 1’ → command → control room → switch speakers 1 — control name = ‘monitor 2’ → command → control room → switch speakers 2. Is that the right way to use it?
→ bottom pane in generic remote setup: Device: VST Control Room, Channel/Category: Device, Value/Action: Monitor Select X

Another question, is there an existing shortcut in Cubase for switching between various Generic Remote setups? Could I put a shortcut inside my generic remote setups to give cubase a “switch to the next generic remote setup”-command? the idea would be to switch my controller between a state where it controls cubase mixer functions to a state where it controls a plugin’s parameters

Anyone who can help me with setting up an easy way to switch between different generic remote maps?

I’m currently looking into using NRPN’s for better resolution of the controller changes, does anyone have any experience with setting up a PCR for this? I’m guessing in the PCR editor, settings should be as follows:

Assign Message: Channel Message
Type: NRPN
Midi Channel as needed (I use 16), must correspond with the set channel in Cubase generic remote setup
MSB: 99 (???)
LSB: 98 (???)
MSB Min Value: 0
MSB Max Value: 127
→ where the MSB values only should be changed if the range of the controlled parameter should be restricted
Output Port: I use PCR 2 for sending this kind of controller information and also have generic remote set up to receive from this port.

So the part where I get stuck is getting Cubase to correctly receive the full resolution. When I use the learn function in generic remote, and I move the knob with abovementioned settings, the address column is updated to address 38. The assigned cubase function (I’m testing it by routing the knob to a cubase eq band’s center frequency) doesn’t respond. I’ve seen this 38 value pop up in an online explanation of NRPN MIDI NRPN and RPN by Phil Rees, and it said that 38 signifies the LSB part of the controller info. So if I see Address=38 in generic remote setup, I would guess that this isn’t a coincidence. My Cubase doesn’t seem to respond to the knob after I “learned” it in Generic Remote… Does this mean Cubase is only receiving the LSB signal, and therefore unable to interpret the controller data correctly? How can I resolve this?

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