Generic remote. Shift Layer.


First I want to give The Cubase team kudos for the fixes and added functions to the generic remote in the cubase 9.5.2 update.
Nice to have a working control over my stereo combined panners and control over the channel strip.

1 thing I miss, is the option of shift layer.
Shift layer is combining 2 midi messages for a new command. Pressing a button to change the function of a knob.
So you have function A and function B possibilities on the same bank or even more.

This would bring down my generic remote banks by a massive ammount. Now I have 6 banks for my 1-24 faders. 6 banks for my 25-48 faders and so on.
Simply caus I cant combine and make shift layers for my button and knobs.

You can simulate this using Increment/Decrement banks in the Generic Remote, or go directly to a bank using the other commands under Command>Remote

e.g., For the same controller object,
In one bank assign Command>Remote>Increment Bank
In the other assign Command>Remote>Decrement Bank

That dosent work for my setup.

And im using 24 banks allready.

Thing is, on my console I have several buttons, knobs and faders.

I want to be able to take use of the “midi on” function.
So instead of having a tonn of xml scripts to edit and a tonn of banks to jump between.
I want to simply press and hold my button 1 and enter my knobs B settings.
Enter button 2 and enter my knobs C setting
Enter button 3 and enter my knobs D setting.
And so on. All in the same bank and no messy workaround with a tonn of bank changes and layers.

As I said, I allready have to work 6 banks for every 1-24 channels of faders. It gets messy when you have 96 channels setup.
With the midi Shift Layer, I can do with 1 bank for every 24 channels of faders. And have massive control with in the banks.

Considering how development of the GR has been going over the last 20 years, this type of feature will only happen when it gets a complete rebuild. And that possibility is fraught with problems, mainly backwards compatibility (I think) - thousands of users with complex setups they have built themselves, like yours.

Do you already switch banks using the function I mentioned? If not, how are you switching?

This function is not advanced, and it is fully backwords compatible.

Here is a video showing you what I mean. And it is realy basic stuff. Easy done with some “2 note” midi triggering.

And yes I am using bank up and down to switch banks.
I even have a remote 2 setup following remote 1, so all my faders function as channel select on the touch fader function.

I have gotten the most out of the generic remote. But it has bin many houres of copy, past and delete in the xml scripts.

Well, I wasn’t saying that it was advanced, and I’m not debating you. I’m simply stating an opinion about the development of the GR.

I use Bome MT to create various controllers and to repurpose my CMC modules. While your request is a good one, and very useful, if it were me, I would use BMT to create what I want, for the reason I gave above, rather than wait for SB. BMT is rock solid and has great scripting built in.

+1 to your request, for what it’s worth. Who knows ? Maybe Cubase 10 will have a nice surprise re: the generic remote.

Im all about workarounds.
But spending extra cash on a 3rd party program just to get 1 single basic function is…
Im getting tired of banking up and down, so Im going to take a closer look at bomes this evening.

But this function is a must.

And when they ad it. They can promote it as a Major upgrade to the generic remote and stick it up in a promo video.
I can even do the promo video for them for free. Before and after experience and show off a tonn of bells and whistles.
That never before was possible :smiley:

That is not even a problem. Have a “generic remote legacy”, and new “generic remote next gen”.

Some generic shift/option/control modifier would be great! Both switched from the controller or keyboard. For example keyboard shift could be “small-step” like the shift on CMC-QC.

I still can not control thinks in the strip, like pre-gain. Or have I missed something?

You didn’t miss anything. The Strip Reflection mentioned here refers to the rack section.

Spot on!
Yes it will improve the generic remote drasticly if we can combine messages with in the banks.

Its been a couple of years but…

The same thing that you request could also be accomplished much more simply if all of the available key commands and all of the available remote commands were BOTH available as KEY commands.

Then it would just be a mater of writing a MACRO to do what you want and assigning it to a remote command.

Not so true. It will still be stuck with a mountain of generic remote banks.
Problem with that is that you have to assign all of the other controls to that new bank just to change a few functions on some buttons. Wich brings us to xml editing just for the speed of it. It is just several houres of waisted time, for something realy simple.

And im allready doing what you describe using Bome midi translator. just translate the keyboard to midi messages. And have some fancy macros running as well. And I have several shift layers running out of bome midi translator. So I dont have to bank about to get things done :ugeek:

But It would be cool if steinberg got this function up and running.