Generic remote still passes midi to track?

I’m using a nano kontrol as a generic device, and I don’t know if I have never tried this before (to use the same device as a remote and also to send CC message to the VSTi on midi tracks) but it does not behave as I want it to.

I set up a bunch of the controls as mixer commands, solos mostly, I set up MMC and transport controls and All works fine, as expected.

I did not uncheck “In All MIDI” in the midi device prefs, because I wanted to still have it available to talk to the track.

The midi messages are all being passed through to the tracks. What I expected was that only “Not Assigned” controls would be passed through, and that the assigned controllers would toggle the solo/mute or whatever I assigned it to.

Am I missing something here? Will I not be able to use the same device as a remote but also to send CC message to the VSTi on my midi tracks?

Setup a global Input Transformer and Filter Out MIDI processed by the GR

Yep,I knew I had to be missing something. I did not notice the little on/off switches in the Module tabs of the transformer!

Thanks, TabSel.