Generic Remote to Midi Remote..?


I just installed Cubase 12 (after waiting a couple of days for the bottlenck to die down), and am relieved to see that the Mackie Control set up on my Tascam US-2400 controler is all still in place.

I wonder - will I now have to re-do all the midi mapping that I previously had set up as Generic Remote maps? It’s not a huge issue, and the new system looks so much better, but I’m just making sure before I start the process. Even with the new interface - it will be a big undertaking.

At the moment you cannot convert/migrate from Generic Remote or Mackie Remote to the new MIDI Remote system automatically. That’s why it’s still there.

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First, you don’t have to just yet.

Second, you make your surface on the first screen, then hit the > and assign what you want each one to do. It’s very easy, and rather intuitive.

The only issue I have found so far is not being able to rename the MR. (in the GUI).

It’s no where near as much work as a GR was, so it goes a lot faster. You can take a screenshot of the GR and the follow along if you need to. I made pics of all of mine with labels a while ago so I just followed that.

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If you could, then there would be the issue of what the surface looked like, and how that mapping was done. I think it’s NPC.

Yes. Thanks for the replies. I discovered after I posted this that Generic Remote was still available. I don’t really mind setting up a new set of mappings (using my old XMLs for reference, if needed) - and the new interface is really nice to use.

Looks like I’ll probably still be using one or two Generic Remotes for the time being, as I’ve found a couple of omissions in the new Midi Remote’s assignable parameters - but I look forward to seeing how it develops.

More importantly to me - I just hope that Mackie Control doesn’t get retired any time soon! :slight_smile:

Like… Monitor, and Read do not work on MIDI tracks…?

I haven’t found that - yet. The main one I found was there’s no direct Record Pre-Count button mapping any more. You can do it via a keyboard shortcut - but that doesn’t work with the button lights on my X-Touch Mini.

Interesting that the Generic Remote pages have a warning on the page. But other controllers on the Legacy list like Mackie and CMC have no warning.

I suppose because Mackie (and maybe CMC - I don’t know) are more fixed protocols, with hard wired functionality - not really editable in the way Generic Remotes are.

As far as my US-2400 goes, you couldn’t replicate the way its Mackie Control integrates with Cubase using MIDI Remote.

, without writing Java Script.

I hope that doesn’t become necessary any time soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Ian
I am in the process of replacing my Mackie HUI with a Tascam US-2400 in Cubase 12. I have it setup with three Mackie Controls and tow Generic Controls.
So far it is working as it should other than the Foot Switch Record function is not working. I am also not able to see how to configure a Start/Stop function as I could with the HUI. I play guitar and record myself most of the time and really need those functions. Do you have any ideas or suggestions?
Any input will be appreciated.


I wasn’t even aware - or had forgotten - that the US-2400 even had a foot switch jack :slightly_smiling_face:. I’m going to try it out later. I’ll let you know if I come up with anything.

Well, I plugged in an old momentary switch (a sustain pedal) and was able to set it up as either a Generic Remote or Midi Remote to toggle record on and off.

As for Start/Stop function - I’m not sure what you mean by that. The transport controls on the US-2400 work without any setting up as part of Mackie Control.

I’ll just mention, as you may not be aware, that you need to go to Studio > More Options and set each of the three Mackie Controls to Compatibility Mode for everything to work as it’s intended.

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Thanks for the reply. Thats what I needed to know about the foot switch. As far as the Start/Stop function I mentioned, I had setup with the HUI a pedal with two momentary switches. One switch would Start/Stop the transport and the other was Record in an out. That made playing and recording guitar much easier. I had to add the second switch to the HUI. I will do the same to the US-2400 if I can figure out how to configure the button. I was not aware of the Compatibility Mode, I will check into that right away. How did you configure the Foot Switch in Cubase?

I configured it in Generic Remote simply by creating a new Generic Remote and setting the input to US-2400. The US-2400 has five ports, and different functions are mapped to different ports. The footswich input is on the first port, it seems.

I then deleted any controllers that were already listed in the new Generic Remote and added a single controller and hit Learn - Clicking on the footswitch will then show which value is being sent. For a sustain pedal, it’s a note on message. Then you can assign any function you want in the bottom panel. In this case, Transport > Device > Record.
Presumably, if you have a double pedal, you could create two controllers and assign a function to each.

Setting up in Midi Remote is similar but much simpler.

It says in the US-2400 manual that you should insert the footswitch before switching the US-2400 on, and it will then detect the polarity correctly.

Edit - I just noticed my controller entry is called ‘Inputs’… that’s only because of whatever I had mapped before. Yours won’t be called that.

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Thanks for all the info. I just gave up on the US-2400 and sold it. I was able to get the foot switch to punch in record, but not punch out. I tried every possible configuration within the setup windows. I couldn’t get a start/stop function to work so without those functions it just didn’t work out for me. I went back to my Mackie HUI for not. I have a Tascam DM 4800 that I will experiment with soon. Thanks again.

Hi all,
I have a US-2400 and cubase 12. Most is working Only the function key’s behaving strange when mackie control is used. Is it possible to assign these or disable the mackie setting for these so I can assign them to something else. Second does anybody have a scribt where he is using more midiports for elements im the remote setting


I too have a US-2400. One thing which I found hidden but important is to set each of the 3 Mackie Controls to Compatibility mode. As stated above, goto Studio > More Options and set each of the three Mackie Controls to Compatibility Mode. The channel strip mode of the Tascam US2400 seems to be split out using AUX buttons 1 & 6. Aux 1 for the Sends and Aux 6 for the channel EQ. I would like to assign one the knobs to adjust Pre-Gain but am struggling to achieve this. Has anyone done this?

any type of USB foot pedal should work for transport control key shortcuts, it just works as an additional computer keyboard. Or Elgato Stream Deck Pedal.