Generic Remote to Midi Remote..?


I just installed Cubase 12 (after waiting a couple of days for the bottlenck to die down), and am relieved to see that the Mackie Control set up on my Tascam US-2400 controler is all still in place.

I wonder - will I now have to re-do all the midi mapping that I previously had set up as Generic Remote maps? It’s not a huge issue, and the new system looks so much better, but I’m just making sure before I start the process. Even with the new interface - it will be a big undertaking.

At the moment you cannot convert/migrate from Generic Remote or Mackie Remote to the new MIDI Remote system automatically. That’s why it’s still there.

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First, you don’t have to just yet.

Second, you make your surface on the first screen, then hit the > and assign what you want each one to do. It’s very easy, and rather intuitive.

The only issue I have found so far is not being able to rename the MR. (in the GUI).

It’s no where near as much work as a GR was, so it goes a lot faster. You can take a screenshot of the GR and the follow along if you need to. I made pics of all of mine with labels a while ago so I just followed that.

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If you could, then there would be the issue of what the surface looked like, and how that mapping was done. I think it’s NPC.

Yes. Thanks for the replies. I discovered after I posted this that Generic Remote was still available. I don’t really mind setting up a new set of mappings (using my old XMLs for reference, if needed) - and the new interface is really nice to use.

Looks like I’ll probably still be using one or two Generic Remotes for the time being, as I’ve found a couple of omissions in the new Midi Remote’s assignable parameters - but I look forward to seeing how it develops.

More importantly to me - I just hope that Mackie Control doesn’t get retired any time soon! :slight_smile:

Like… Monitor, and Read do not work on MIDI tracks…?

I haven’t found that - yet. The main one I found was there’s no direct Record Pre-Count button mapping any more. You can do it via a keyboard shortcut - but that doesn’t work with the button lights on my X-Touch Mini.

Interesting that the Generic Remote pages have a warning on the page. But other controllers on the Legacy list like Mackie and CMC have no warning.

I suppose because Mackie (and maybe CMC - I don’t know) are more fixed protocols, with hard wired functionality - not really editable in the way Generic Remotes are.

As far as my US-2400 goes, you couldn’t replicate the way its Mackie Control integrates with Cubase using MIDI Remote.

, without writing Java Script.

I hope that doesn’t become necessary any time soon. :slightly_smiling_face: