Generic Remote to Mute an Audio Track via MIDI controller

Right there in the title - I thought this would be simple enough! But is it possible?

I’d like to, with my midi controller, be able to toggle mute/unmute on a specific audio track. That’s really it. Could someone show me what the settings would be?


It’s trivial:

I assume you either know already (or can easily find online) how to map midi controller buttons on your hardware to the generic remote in the top half of the Generic Remote configuration.

In the bottom half map the desired control by picking “VST Mixer” in the Device column, the desired channel name in the Channel/Category column and “Mute” in the Value/Action column

Note: The Control Name in the top and bottom half are how Cubase matches the incoming hardware mappings in the top half to the Cubase control actions in the bottom half. Therefore each control has to have a unique name. The Generic Remote editing dialog doesn’t seem to throw an error when names are not unique. It simply ignores the lines with duplicate names.

Okay, I don’t know why the Generic Remote interface feels confusing. Very straight forward thanks a ton! Worked Perfectly

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