Generic Remote

Hi, i am using a m-audio Axiom 32 mini for a control, however there is no support for CB8, therefore i am learing how to map the contoller, having watched a few vids and read some articles i am confident enough to give it a go, unfortunately what i believe to have did correctly seems to change during the functions,

Example: for the transport i assign
ch1 stop
ch2 play
ch3 rec

but when i press the buttons on the controller all the midi ch in setup return to mid ch1 which means stop activates rec/play/stop play does the same and rec does the same ?? also when pressing stop/play/rec the address changes in sequel, 16,17,18, etc
here are two screen shots of before i hit the buttons and after i hit the buttons
obviously i am overlooking something but i’m virgin to this and hope you can advise me on what to do :slight_smile:
thank you so much

EDIT: ok i realised i had the learn ticked each time i changed a function, therefore by releasing the function and then hitting apply resolved the start and stop, i also learned the faders and pans :slight_smile: my only problem now is the record, when i hit record it will activate while it is pressed but when released the record light goes off, so any advice on keeping the record button lit so that it records?
thank you


Have you tried using the C7 version of Hypercontrol? It works perfectly here for me here with C8.
The installer will put the .dll file in the Cubase7/Components folder so you will have to copy or move it to the Cubase8/Components folder.

Try adding a “Toggle” flag to record.

sorry guys, thank you for your replies, i didnt see them, i am not recieving emails notifying me of replies to the post??

@Jaslan i have installed it but didnt know about the folder move, i will try it in a mo :slight_smile:

@misohoza i did something similar and used the “press button” this appears to work,

i guess you guys didnt realise i kept editing my original post lol

Thank you

do i copy the entire “component folder” into CB8 which is directly under CB7 folder in programme files or PF X86 or both?

No. Just copy the hypercontrol.dll file. PF x86 is for the 32 bit version, so if you want to use both 32 and 64 bit versions then yes copy it it both locations. If you are only using 64 bit then just the Program Files location applies.

moved the dll to both folders with no results :frowning:
see pics , any advice?

I don’t know why it wouldn’t be working. Cubase 7 and 8 are essentially the same in terms of the mixer and transport external functioning. I have an Axiom Pro so it is a little different. My Axiom Pro shows up on the Devices list. What exactly is the name of the file you copied? Something like AxiomAirHypercontrolCubase.dll?

Also, I assume the Air is working for basic MIDI (i.e. playing notes and such…)? It is just not working to control the mixer and transport or Quick Controls?

ok the controller is now showing (copied to wrong folder) and working… but i am still having the problem with the record button not staying on, i know the fix but i dont know where to go to edit the midi ch, any advice please?
thank you

ok, i am presuming it is to do with the quick controls? can you advise me what i should change the settings to so that the rec transport button on the controller stays on and does not deactivate until the stop button is pressed? everything else works perfect except for the recorder button
thank you

First, make sure you remove or disable any Generic Remote setup to make sure its not interfering.
Strange that the record button doesnt stay on. Are you saying that you would need to hold it down?

About quick controls… It is complex because, with the axiom pro, the controller can be it Hypercontrol mode, and interact directly with the mixer and transport. THEN, it can be in general MIDI controller mode, and send CC controller data, which, if you have set up in quick controls you can use those in a lot of ways. Keep in mind also that there are Track Quick Controls and VST Instrument Quick Controls

thx jas, out at the moment, i’ll get back to you

hi people, sorry for the delay but i was working on another issue lol, yes it works fine, on win 7 and on win 10
thank you very much for your help, especially the bit about moving the dll from 7 to 8, top man
thank you