Genos and Cubase

Good morning all
During my recording from Genos into Cubase I have found some issues
Genos connected to Cubase 12 via USB cable
Drivers Genos correctly installed on Cubase
Start recording with a piano sound playing 4 notes continue recording but changing sound with a Violon same 4 notes.
Finally no program change in Cubase because these 8 notes during playing have the same piano sound.
More, while opening the track, recorded, I found some more very short notes which have not been played.
I don’t want write what happen while playing with a Genos style and recording with Cubase 12 but believe me is something which cannot even called bad.
Well, I suppose that during recording Cubase didn’t receive the program change.

  1. Did I miss something on my configuration?
  2. Why Cubase reproduce these short notes which I didn’t found them when I edit the same
    track on the Genos?
    Could I miss something into the configuration?
    Appreciate if anyone can help me please