Genos transmits MIDI but doesn't receive

This just started happening. I set up Cubase to record either a VST instrument or MIDI from my Yamaha Genos. Yesterday, the meters in the track were bouncing but I had no sound. Today the meters don’t even bounce. I can still activate sound from the VST plugin’s keyboard.

I have the Genos connected through USB MIDI. I checked all the USB ports on my computer to make sure they work. To do this, I plugged a thumb drive into each one and made sure it was displayed in Explorer. So, the physical ports are all working. I even wired my Genos MIDI ports to my UR44 MIDI ports using the old DIN connectors. I was hoping I had a bad USB cable. The same problem occurs, so it’s not cabling. All audio files play perfectly in Cubase. I don’t think the problem is in Cubase.

In the Device Manager, I noticed one error message on two of the USB Composite Devices (one where my Genos is plugged in I think). It reads, “Device USB\VID_046D&PID_C52B\6&7b94664&0&2 was not migrated due to partial or ambiguous match.” I’ve read all kinds of solutions to this on the net but nothing works. The most popular theory is that a Windows update has screwed with the migration.

I’m ready to record but can’t. Any ideas on how to fix this, besides dumping MS and buying a Mac? Thanks.

More information
I updated the Yamaha USB driver. I can now record and playback a VST instrument or the Genos as a MIDI track BUT I can’t hear any sound as I play, even with the Monitor button pressed. The Genos has a Transmit and Receive monitor in its MIDI screen. The port channels are all set correctly. The light flickers on the Transmit page but not the Receive page.

In the Device Manager, I’m still getting the error. “Device USB\VID_046D&PID_C52B\6&7b94664&0&2 was not migrated due to partial or ambiguous match.”


I also disabled ReWire a few days ago to stop the annoying crashes. They have stopped.
Now I can record the Genos MIDI but I have to turn on Local Control so I can hear what I’m playing. Otherwise, there is no monitor sound when recording MIDI tracks from the Genos or a VST instrument :frowning:.

This lack of monitor sound is the issue. Everything records and I can hear all playback. I just can’t hear what I’m recording. Does this have something to do with the USB issue? Sure sounds like it to me!

I’m at a stage where I think this issue was caused by a Windows update. Apparently, Microsoft has had a bad few months of updates that have caused a lot of issues.

Further thoughts:

  1. Can it be a USB MIDI problem when the DIN cables also failed to send MIDI from Cubase back to my Genos? Have I changed a critical Preference in Cubase?
  2. I have recorded and monitored successfully AFTER the last Windows update, which was June 11. Hence, it’s not likely a Windows issue.
  3. I opened Cubase 8 Pro (still on my machine). Everything works perfectly!! So it is Cubase 10.5.2.

What has gone wrong?


My MIDI Thru was turned off in the Preferences! Moderator - please feel free to do what you want with all my posts. Thanks all!