german or norwegian letters...

since some shortcuts default to letters we don’t have in those places, how will they work then ?

Norwgian: æøå 0+´,.-
German: ÖÄÜ etc…

so is it easy to setup a keyboard mapping for our own language ?

I’ve found it very easy to redefine the key shortcuts.

On Mac, from the Dorico menu choose “Preferences” and then “Key Commands”. Here you can re-map everything by the looks of it.

I have provisionally mapped Å as sharp, Æ as flat and Ø as natural. Logical in my head (and fingers!) at any rate!

We have got custom keyboard mappings for the officially translated versions that follow the same ideas where the mapped keys are. This might fail with other international versions though, so the key commands editor should be a good solution for any problematic mappings.