German Translation for Page Count

At the moment, ‘Page Count’ and ‘Page Number’ are both translated as ‘Seitenzahl’ in the German Version.
I would suggest to translate ‘Page Cout’ into “Gesamtzahl der Seiten” (which would be more correct) or “Seitenanzahl”.
Same for ‘Page Count for Flow’.

Token list English.png
Token list German.png

Thanks for this feedback. I’ll pass it on.

If I might suggest something:

I would go for just “Gesamtzahl” for Page Count. It is shorter than what HelPet suggested (“Gesamtzahl der Seiten”), but IMO is perfectly understandable from the context (being in the submenu of pages).
“Seitenanzahl” to me looks too similar to “Seitenzahl”.

Maybe Seitennummer (page number) and Seitenanzahl (page count) would also be possible alternatives.
Additionally, “Seitenzahl innerhalb von Partie” (page number within flow) sounds horrible. :wink: “von” should be replaced with “der” here.