German translation of repeat endings

At the moment Dorico uses a very strange translation of repeat endings, which isn’t used in German:
Probably the most correct version would be “Voltenklammern”, but I doubt, that every user knows what this means. Sibelius uses “Wiederholungsenden” which people seem to be used to. “Wiederholungsklammern” could also be a choice. I don’t know Finales translation. Any of these versions would be better than “Enden wiederholen”!

Is there a better way to point to bad translations, than to write them into the English Forum?

+1 for: “Wiederholungsklammern”

+1 for “Wiederholungsklammern”

Also, I think that options should be sorted alphabetically based on the translated text, not the original English terms, e. g. in engraving options:

Taktstriche/Bar lines
Taktzahlen/Bar numbers

which is a bit counter-intuitive…

Finale calls them “Wiederholungsüberleitungen” in its general document settins panel, which also is pretty clumsy. :smiley:
(Though I have to admit that I saw this term now for the very first time there.)

In context of repeats it uses the term “Endungen”, which I would go for. I know, it’s a very broad term, but in the context of repeats it is specific enough (for me).

I will pass this feedback on to our German translator and ask him to choose between these options!

The pages in the various multi-page dialogs will indeed be ordered according to their localised names in the next update.