Get channel number in a bank


I have a channel bank:

var hostMixerBankZone = page.mHostAccess.mMixConsole.makeMixerBankZone()

var channelBankItem = hostMixerBankZone.makeMixerBankChannel()

Is there a way to get the number of the track attached to channelBankItem? I can get the title and color and everything but I couldn’t find the number.


No, this is not possible. Cubase doesn’t send this information out. Of course, you can store the channel index in the MixerBankZone.


As @Martin.Jirsak said.

If you need just the channel index and since usually we’re creating our channelBankItems in a loop, you can get it (the channel index inside the bank, NOT the track number in the project window), by using a bind (here I’m using the mVolume change event, but you can do it pretty much in every other change):

var yourBanksChannelsLength=8 // Place whichever number suits your controller
for (var i = 0; i < yourBanksChannelsLength; i++) {
        var channelBankItem=hostMixerBankZone.makeMixerBankChannel()

              console.log("Your channel index="+this.i.toString())



Now, if you really need the DAW track number, a way is to create a PLE to renumber your tracks and add their number to the prefix or suffix of your track name, and get them from the title change.


Thank you. It would be nice if Steinberg would add this function.


Add the feature-request tag to your post, please.

Out of curiosity, can you offer an example of a use-case for this functionality? It sounds interesting to me.

Well I have a controller that can display that for each track. I think it is quite nice to have. E.g. when you have 8 or 16 faders you can pretty quickly see where you are in the project without having to read track names.