Get double notes using external Reverb Unit

Hi all,

I am hoping you can help with this seemingly stupid issue. (which is probably just me now understanding something).

I have a Bricasti M7 and I have it setup as follows inside Cubase 7:


  • Send Bus 1
    –Left = Multiface 3
    –Right = Multiface 4

  • Return Bus 1
    –Left Multiface 3
    –Right Multiface 4

It says my delay is 39.23.

I now take a blank project. Add 1 instrument track. Put a Piano VST in this track. Go to mixer and “SEND” this channel to the Bricasti. Play a note, I get “double notes”. Does anyone know how to stop this behavior please?



Make sure youre not double monitoring the Fx return pr send via totalmix

So after all this time with this issue, i moved back over to Studio One because I couldn’t stand it. Only to find that at some point Studio One started doing it too. So I thought, this can’t possibly be coincidence. So I opened the plug-in responsible for linking my Bricasti to the FX channel and noticed a knob called “offset”. Well I played with it until they magically just lined right up. I no longer had double notes and it never happened again.

So I decided to come back to Cubase and try to find this same thing. But the only thing on the plug-in is Delay in MS, Send and Receive DB gains or minuses.

Well I decided to turn down the delay which was set to 39.58 and when it finally hit 0.00ms the double notes went away and the timing was absolutely perfect. I was not even sure the Bricasti was in the signal anymore so I turned on an enormous 7 second tail and sure enough, it was working.

So my question is, is that actually all there is to it? Is that actually how this issue is SUPPOSED to be resolved for latency compensation?