Get down with the Hothand USB in Cubase ? anyone?

Hi, you all may not be aware of this little gem of a controller

Is anyone getting into this with Cubase? It seems super easy to implement with anything in Ableton, on Cubase, I can get it to work, but it’s a bit of longer process than I want it to be. I also don’t completely understand it. Has someone broken any ground here and use it regularly in Cubase?

I want to use it to control VST instruments, plugin parameters in real time, recording automation during performances. It just seems handy to have this to control whatever the heck i want, whenever. Getting there in Cubase currently involves fishing around in the devices settings for a length of time before finding the parameter I am looking for.

I guess I’m the wannabe trailblazer then. I’m bumbling around, sometimes it works, some times not. I think It’s because quick control is wacky sometimes. I also notice there isn’t any consitancy among cubase native vst plugins as far as “learn” function for controllers. Some it works, some it doesn’t. Odd.