Get HD Files for Individual Tracks Causes Nuendo Crash

I am running VST Connect Pro with Nuendo 6.5.40 on Mac OS X 10.10.2. The remote computer is running the latest VST Connect Performer on Windows 8.

There are two ways to get the HD versions of both the mix file recorded during a take and the individual record-enabled track files from the remote VST Connect Performer’s computer - one copies all pending files for the project and the other copies files associated with an individual track.

Using the individual track method with my setup causes Nuendo to crash. More specifically, if you right-click an individual track in the “MANAGER” tab’s “Connected Audio Tracks to VST Connect PRO” screen and select the popup menu option to download the HD VST Connect mix and the individual HD tracks associated with that track, Nuendo crashes. This crash is repeatable every time.

Using the global method works. More specifically, if you click the blue “Get HD Files” button in the “MANAGER” tab to download all pending HD files from the remote computer, it works just fine.

So the workaround is to just use the global button vs. downloading for individual tracks.

Thanks for the report, we are looking into it now.