get HD files problem

No issues here with the Get HD files on latest version.

I have It is licensed to my elicenser. When I go to get HD files, they show in the window but it shows there are zero files to download. I’m on the latest Nuendo 10.3 and the performer is on a Mac. I will try again. Last time we lost many hours of work, so I’m hesitant to trust it again.
Thanks for the help

… excellent news!


… I am sorry. Please give it another try. Download and install the latest version : 5.0.10 (for Performer and Plug).

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It’s nearly 4 years later and I’m facing the same issue:
I had a session a few weeks ago with no problems (apart from the excruciating noise from the performer’s headphones whilst webcams were on).

Now, I’ve just spent an hour recording with the same person (same equipment, same setup) before I realised that there are no HD files available. The necessary tracks were armed and I didn’t get any ‘No HD recording’ sign either.

I couldn’t yet figure out if the performer has the HD files locally.

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Checking in on this issue, myself:

I’m in the middle of a significantly long audiobook, recording VST Connect from my place in Santa Monica to Nashville. Connection speeds more than adequate; 200MB/sec down, 100 up on my end, around a gig up/down on the other end (fiber). All modern Apple equipment, running the latest VST Connect and Performer software.

Things are mostly going just fine… However, from time to time (and this happened today with a 2 hour+ chapter), upon completion of the chapter and preparing to transfer HD files, a file won’t appear in the Performer side’s VST Connect audio folder.

We did a ton of chapters today, and it only happened with this, (the longest) one; It’s happened at least twice over the course of this project.

I’m going to try a workaround of having the Performer side restart their computer after every chapter, but this is obviously not an optimal solution.

I’m recording local at 24 bit, and by applying Tonal Match and boosting the clip level I’m able to approximate the sound of the true HD files to an acceptable level, and we’re running a redundant system as well., so no catastrophic harm done, just inconvenience.

But let’s figure out why this is happening! I’ll be working on this project tomorrow through the first part of next week, and then picking up again around July 10, so if there’s anything I can do to help get to the bottom of this, please let me know.

I am a big fan of VST Connect, and use it whenever I can-- Just finished another book project with it last week. Would be honored to be part of whatever process is involved to make it more reliable.


Sorry to hear you experiencing the same thing (in your case it sounds even worse)! Has this phenomenon happened to you ever since?

It’s disappointing how they ignore our posts. A simple ‘sorry guys, we’re working on it’ would be reassuring enough, but this feels like a complete letdown for their customers.

This would be an awesome tool, but issues like these cause a lot of inconvenience (and money).

Needless to mention, my performer didn’t have the HD files in the end, so I had to work with the low-res streaming recordings too…

That’s unfair. The last post reg. this topic is from 4 years ago because it just works for almost everybody.
If it works today but not tomorrow under the very same conditions, that is a strong indication for connection issues. However even that does not apply to Performer recordings, when configured correctly, those never fail, as they don’t suffer from connection issues.

Did you try export on the Performer end and “Get Local HD Files” already? Nothing is ever lost on the Performer side unless recording actually didn’t happen because of whatever configuration errors.

If local recording succeeded w/o glitches and HD recording was enabled, it has never failed. It may run into problems to assign recordings if too much editing was applied during the session, but the original files are always recorded and exsist unless deleted by the Performer.

Connection speed is not of concern. What matters is connection quality. But if local realtime (compressed) recordings work w/o glitches, VST Connect has done its job, and if files are missing on the Performer end thereafter, it is always a routing problem, or “forgot to enable record enable” etc.

Btw. 320 kBit realtime recordings are hard to distinguish from original in most cases to begin with. But having a good connection, why not enable lossless transmission in the first place, then you don’t need HD recordings at all, with identical results.

I’m sorry, but you could’ve responded this 4 months ago and I wouldn’t feel that way.

We searched for the recordings in the dedicated folder on her machine, which only contained files from previous sessions. Human error is always a factor, but as I had already had successful sessions with the same performer, under the same conditions, I’d like to think that the problem didn’t lie on my end.

I haven’t used VST Connect Pro since, but I’ll keep you posted if this issue ever occurs.

I do appreciate your response, and I hope you have seen the other, newer thread I started in regards to this issue. Bottom line is: Connection quality appeared to be of consistently comparable and usable quality on all of the takes on my current project, and the recording conditions identical.

Still, at least three time, HD files were not recorded on the Performer side. I’m going to be picking up this project on the 15th, and will continue reporting in my other thread.

I am recording with lossless quality on my (the studio) side, and that is working ok as a failsafe (and I’m also running a redundant system on the other end). So I’m not worried about losing anything. I’d just like to identify the cause (and solution for) this problem. It is real.

Thanks again,