Get my money back

Hi, I downloaded and installed and registered but now am being asked to register again but I can’t sign in - no popup appears and I am blocked from signing in to themain site anyway - although this forum is fine. Anyway I want my money back because the software clearly doesnt work. How do I go about this process?
(actually I cant even logout of this forum using the dropdown - my God this company cant even manage that)

Register it again or Authorize it to run on your specific computer?

The way the new licensing works you are always going to need two steps.

Registering is where you take ownership of the software

Authorizing is where you specify which computers (up to 3) that software is allowed to run on

Have you tried running the Steinberg Authorization Manager on the computer that you want to use?

For a refund you’d need to contact the online store run by Asknet, or wherever you purchased it if you didn’t get it from them.

authorisation manager doesnt work either - will not open in browser. And I did this all before anyway. i just want my money back, I dont want to spend hours ofmy time compensating for their terrible authorisation process

after multiple reboots and a complete uninstall reinstall cycle the authorisation finally worked