Get rid of UR 22 mkII Line Noise/Hum

I’ve had my UR 22 mkII for over 2 years without any issues. (I use the headphone output to an external amplifier which drives my speakers. I also run my PC audio, and Alexa audio to the same amp.) In the last few months, my setup has started making a low (but audible) level hum. (Unplugging the UR’s headphone jack is the only action that eliminates the hum.)

Moving the USB power cord causes much louder “static”, and trying other USB ports did not eliminate the hum.

I’ve also tried other audio cables, but the noise persists.

I welcome any solutions or thoughts on what is causing the hum.

This is a really hard problem to solve. I have solved this in the past only buy changing computers, or using balanced lines from the audio device to the speakers, but this doesn’t apply to your situation…

It’s a shielding problem – the question is what shielding, where?

Maybe USB cables…

A possible solution is to get an USB cable without the +5V connected, so that you have only data traffic in the usb. There are small dongles that perform this task, such as this:


You ROCK. Thank you for info. It works great!

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Update. The "portapower I received says “dataBlocker” on it. It disconnected my UR22 from my PC. I will have to see if I bought the wrong device.

Yes, they sent you the opposite of what you need, hope you can get the right one.

Strummer: I was mistaken about the first item. It was a power blocker and it said “POWER BLOCKER” on it just like the image below.
I decided to go onto the analog side of the issue and bought the black box item shown.
There is no more hum or buzz and Cubase works just fine.

Ground Loop noise Isolator
Screenshot 2022-02-14 144008
power blocker

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