Get status bar back? [workaround found]

Every other day the bottom bar of Dorico (status bar) bar goes away and I can’t find name of the menu item or key command to get it back. Then I have to save all projects and restart etc. Where can I find this function to hide and show it? Thank you again
Screenshot 2019-11-05 at 08.30.23.png

Click Ctrl + 8

You can also find it in the menu: Window/Show Bottom Panel


Wrong answer, sorry!

That isn’t the status bar; that’s the bottom panel, which is clearly still showing. The status bar isn’t supposed to disappear, and there isn’t a menu option or keyboard shortcut for turning it off and on.

I missunderstood the original post and thought he was asking for the bottom panel.
I have no answer then.

So I did not accidentally press a keyboard shortcut to make it disappear. Now I see that more UI things are a little bit ‘off’ when the status bar disappears, like the popover autocomplete menu in this screenshot. That problem may be related?

I’m using Dorico 3.0.10 on Mojave (10.14.4).
Screenshot 2019-11-05 at 13.46.19.png

Yeah, something weird’s going on. Do you have multiple monitors? I’ve only seen this sort of thing when running two monitors with different resolutions and scaling - it can happen when dragging a window from one monitor to the other. This isn’t specific to Dorico, I hasten to add.

I’m afraid that cannot be the reason for me, since I have only one monitor, connected to my Mac mini, and I never change the screen resolution.

Haha, so actually this problem appears to be very easily reproducible! (Both the status bar disappearing and the popover autocomplete menu incorrectly positioning)

This always happens when I open another project in the same Dorico window. (‘Prefer tabs when opening new documents’ is a MacOS setting and Dorico adheres to this.) The project tabs in the Dorico window take some vertical space and apparently this doesn’t trigger the necessary resize handlers in the Dorico code.

A workaround is to slightly resize the window, then the status bar is visible again.