Getting a 2nd Activation Code

Hello All,

I’m on a rather odd situation and I am looking for some help. I’ve been a semi-serious musician/songwriter/recording-artist for most of my adult life. In 2014 I took the big step of sinking about $2,000 into a ( at the time ) muscle-computer, and the Cubase. 7.0 program. Alas, the fates were not kind, and about a week after I got my stuff set and running, both of my parents, in turn, fell victim to long, difficult illnesses and passed away. Definitely rearranged my plans and priorities for a long, long time.

Fast forward to now ; it’s all behind me, I’ve got my life back, and I want very much to get back into recording. Unfortunately, my muscle computer went bad during storage… had to have the power-supply replaced, also had to upgrade from Windows 7 to 10, and last but not least, of course I’ve lost the e-licensing dongle. So I’ve got everything I need to get going, but I cannot open Cubase.

If I got an buy another e-licsensing dongle, can I be certain of cooperation from Steinberg, as far as getting my program back up ? Will they send me a second activation code ?

Thx in advance for the help.

If your other USB eLicenser was registered with them - yes, otherwise - No.