Getting a bit confused about playing techniques

I’m using Dorico 3.5 Elements so it may be that I’m looking for a feature that’s only accessible in the pro version. I’ve created an expression map for the Gaohu in OT Phoenix Orchestra bowed strings. Works well in the expression map but the special techniques like Sustains ornament 2 are not always playing back even when I’ve added them as new techniques to the playing techniques list. Seems a bit hit and miss so I must be doing something wrong. Any ideas?

I suspect the issue is that you need to look at the mutual exclusion groups you’ve defined (or perhaps not defined) in your expression map. If you have some custom playback techniques like (for the sake of argument) “blown” and “thrown”, if you go from “blown” to “thrown” without first going to “nat.”, Dorico will think that you are wanting both “blown” and “thrown”, and if you don’t have “blown+thrown” defined in your expression map, it won’t be able to find it. So put “blown” and “thrown” into a mutual exclusion group, so that Dorico knows that when you switch from one to the other, the previous playing technique should be removed, rather than them both being added together.

Thanks Daniel. OK I will investigate those points. No, I haven’t set any mutual exclusion groups yet. I think I’m trying to do too many advanced user things but I like a challenge. A bit overambitious but I’m learning. Thanks again.

The new playing technique I wanted to add sounds fine if I call it say pizz instead. This seems a simpler way to deal with adding new playing techniques in Elements. The gaohu doesn’t use the normal pizz but of course the written instruction would need changing. As far as I can tell Shift P doesn’t list any custom techniques I’ve added. I suspect the final answer will be to upgrade to pro at some stage so I have access the edit techniques feature of engrave mode. I’m really impressed with Dorico 3.5 and looking forward to seeing what version 4 has to offer.

What Dorico calls “playing techniques” are the things you can add to the music, e.g. using the Shift-P popover or by selecting them from the Playing Techniques panel in Write mode.

Dorico also uses playback techniques as the link between the notation and the instructions for playback.

You’re right that in Elements, your ability to customize playing techniques is limited - e.g. this is the editor in Dorico Pro that lets you design custom playing technique notations, set a popover entry for inputting them, and link them to a playback technique.

Thanks for explaining that, Lillie. I shall probably upgrade to Pro at some point so I have access to those extra playing technique features as I have sample libraries like OT’s Phoenix Orchestra that are pushing the boundaries of regular western instrument notation. However, I must say that Elements meets most of my needs at the moment. Thanks again