Getting all lane segments to start at zero

Good day,
Had a session last night with an outside producer/engineer. We brought some of his tracks in to overdub some vocals onto. I just set my locators on the portions he wanted to overdub and started recording takes, lane after lane. When he was finished he didnt want OMF files but wanted to take all the lanes in .wav format. He also needed to get all the lanes to start at the zero position of the song. I tried bouncing but that only captured from the start of the first segment to the end of the last segment. The only way I could figure this out was to individually drag each lane onto its own track (about 24 of them) then do a audio export of those tracks and bring them back in the project on new tracks. Is there any easier way to accomplish getting these lanes into one segment that starts at the zero point of the song? thanks so much

In Cubase 6.5, the new comping system provides a single click way to get all lanes onto separate audio tracks. From there you can audio export like you did.