Getting Cubase 13 through Splice Subscription & How Many Devices are Covered?

Hey everyone,

So, I want to buy Cubase 13 through the app Splice and I have a Macbook Pro along with a Windows PC. I was wondering if anyone purchased it through splice before and knows whether the purchase covers 2 or more devices. Let me know if that is the case indeed.

Cubase 12 onwards on the new system allows 3 activated devices , if you choose to move to a different device all you need to do is deactivate one and activate another but 3 is the limit


Thanks for the info! It’s strange that the Splice website only said there are 2 devices, that’s why I was a bit unsure whether it’s 2 or 3 as it’s the same version of Cubase that you buy on Steinberg, just through paying a monthly price.