Getting Cubase to decide the tempo automatically

Hi there,

I saw a video on Youtube a while back on a different DAW. He was scoring to a movie, and if I remember correctly he set the locators on 2 hitpoints and clicked a button and the DAW chose the right tempo so the 2nd hit point was on beat 1. I have been told you can do this in cubase. How?


I think it’s called beat calculator or something like that.

Been a while since I was using cubase but you select what you think is one measure and it will tell you how many beats at what tempo etc.

Im not sure thats it, I thought the beat calculator is for assessing how many beats per bar. This other guy chose 2 points he wanted to score music between on a movie clip and the DAW worked out the tempo for him.

is there a way to do this?

It’s ‘Process Tempo’ in the Tempo editor.

Set the locators to the original material and open the Tempo Track Editor.
Click the Process Tempo icon (or set a Key Command to it)
The original length is shown.
In the New Range area set the ‘end’ to the time or bars location you want.
Hit Process, the new tempo is inserted at the left locator.

There’s a help button in the dialog too…