Getting Elements and then Upgrading?


I want to buy Wavelab 9 Pro Download from Steinberg, but they are not offering a full download version just a boxed one.
If I get Elements 9 Download, then Upgrade to Pro 9 will that work?

I already have elicensers.


This is similar to Cubase Pro, which is also only available as a box, and I think that must be because of the requirement for the USB eLicenser. This is really funny, because there’s no printed manual any more, which probably means you get this box with only a DVD and an eLicenser in it!

There does not appear to be a difference in price so what you propose would probably work, however it might be best to check this directly with Steinberg sales, or perhaps a Steinberg mod can confirm.

It’s funny because I can’t even use the DVD since I own an iMac!
So no point at all to get t he boxed version.

Anyhow went ahead and purchased elements with upgrade to pro, and it worked perfectly.


Good to know, I guess the only advantage to the box is a spare USB eLicenser then (and some recycled cardboard).

Hi Nimrod7,

if you have a USB-eLicenser then yes, that will work. You’ll have to activate the Elements license in the USB-eLicenser first, and then enter the upgrade activation code.

Hope this helps!

All the best,