Getting Lexicon Alpha to work with Cuebase 9

Hey guys, just bought Cuebase 9.
Have been out of the game for about 10 years back when I had Cuebase 4.
I still have my Lexicon Alpha Interface which I am trying to use but it seems Cuebase isn’t registering that it is there.
Went to the VST Audio System, clicked ASIO Driver but it just says No Driver.

Can confirm that My speakers work that are plugged into the Lexicon and I have sound when I am using the computer without Cuebase (like windows player, youtube etc…).

I havn’t “installed” it or whatever with the lexicon usb driver… maybe that’s the issue? I’ll have to go search for the usb drive if that is the case.
Or is it that this interface doesn’t work with cuebase 9?

I got a new driver online from and it now comes up as an option in the Device set up…
But, None of my audio track or instrument tracks are working… I have a raw sound coming out of the speakers with my guitar directly plugged in… have I missed something obvious?
I also get a message saying ASIO Driver not running when I press record and certain other things

Thanks, Rob


Make sure, the knob is turned to DAW on Lexicon Alpha. And make sure the Buffer Size is high enough.

The Lexicon drivers are very poor. If you are on Windows, it’s better to use ASIO4ALL.

I ended up buy a scarlett 2i2.
seems to be working…

Only thing is… my guitar is only coming out on the recorded audio track as Mono… not sure why am still working it out. everything seems to be set as stereo though :sThe plug ins aren’t coming out on the recorded track either… its literally just


This is correct. Guitar signal is mono.