Getting lower keys in the key editor

Hi, I just purchased Eurobass II and some of the functionality resides in the lower keys. I only have a 49-key keyboard, and I can’t seem to program the lower keys from the key editor. How do I access the lower and higher keys from the key editor?

What am I missing here?


Well, you can use the scrollbar in the editor to see the higher and lower notes in the Key Editor - if that’s what you are asking.

If you want to play notes that are lower or higher than the keys on your keyboard controller, most controllers have a transpose function that shifts the keys up & down by octaves. If your keyboard doesn’t then you can use the Input Transformer in Cubase to shift the notes up and down.

Thanks for the reply!

I actually tried to scroll but maybe im in idiot mode… :unamused: I’ll check it out again but I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong and it seemed like a simple thing to navigate. I’ll check it out again…

So I tried to adjust transpose but I’m not getting any luck. Perhaps Im not using it correctly.

I just took a screen shot video of what it all looks like, hope it helps

As you can see in the video, in Cubase the key editor only goes down to C-2 and when I scroll down in Eurobass it goes down to C=2. I guess the = sign makes all the difference.

First there is no such thing in MIDI as C=2. The video isn’t clear enough for me to see if it is C-2 or C=2. In Kontakt the text displayed when hovering over the keyboard is determined by the Instrument maker. So if it does say C=2 it is most likely a typo on the part of the Eurobass folks. The “-” and “=” keys are right next to each other.

Anyway in MIDI C-2 is the lowest note specified (AKA MIDI Note #0), which you can scroll down to in the Key Ed as your video shows. This all looks pretty normal. So I don’t understand what you are perceiving as a problem.

Can you describe
A) What are you trying to accomplish
B) Step-by-step description of exactly what you are doing
C) What occurs (or doesn’t) that creates your problem

Thank you so much for your efforts! Obviously i’m a newbie at MIDI, so I do apologize in advance.

A) What are you trying to accomplish
-To use the expression notes (aka Pick, Slide, hammer-on, pull-off, etc) at the far Left and Right of the Kontak keyboard

B) Step-by-step description of exactly what you are doing
-What I’m doing is manually programming the notes in, I tried my midi keyboard to influence the far left and right of Kontakt keyboard but that didn’t help.

C) What occurs (or doesn’t) that creates your problem
-what doesn’t occur is that I am unable to figure out how to use the expression keys in Kontakt. I can manually click on one to have it work but throughout a song, those expressions will change so I’m trying to program that expression in midi to influence the notes I choose.

I hope this help
Please ask me to clarify a bit more if you need.
I really appreciate your time!

Well the simplest way to use those Keyswitches in Kontakt is to use Cubase’s Key Editor to draw in the notes on a Part that already has the musical line in it - i.e. record (or edit) the musical line first without caring about the articulations, then edit that Part to add Keyswitches which set/change the articulations. So if a C-1 sets an articulation you want, scroll down in the editor to see C-1 and use the pencil to draw in a C-1 Note just before where you want the change to occur. The next note played will use the new articulation.

Cubase Pro has a capability called Expression Maps for dealing with Keyswitches, but it is a more advanced feature that requires a good knowledge of MIDI to config.

I bet there are some videos out there for editing key switches in cubase elements (which doesn’t have Expression Maps)…0…1…gws-wiz…35i39j33i10i160.kMCmUfD0EJY

I think we have solved the problem!

Thank you sooo much, it was the fact that the keyswitches had to be programmed into an expression map!

This video explained it very well

Once again, that’s for your patience and your time!!

Cheers :slight_smile:

Glad you got it sorted.

Actually Expression Maps are NOT required to use Keyswitches, but it is a more comprehensive way to do so. Neither Cubase Artist or Elements supports Expression Maps but folks using those (and Pro too if desired) can still use Keyswitched VSTi’s by playing or inserting the appropriate Note to trigger the articulation.