Getting Melodyne to use Cubase Chord Track?

Trying to use the new Melodyne Chord capabilities and want it to use my existing Chord Track in Cubase. As I understand it to do this I need to enable the function in the Melodyne menu:
Edit>Chords and Keys>Use DAW Chords

Problem is that option is greyed out.

I have an active Cubase Chord Track, so I’m not sure why else it would be grey.

Melodyne does do its own internal Chord Analysis as expected.

yeah, I can’t get it going either so I’m gonna monitor this thread. would be nice to know how to. As usual, it is a breeze to make it work in Studio one :wink:

That’s disappointing to hear. Was hoping that something just needed to be enabled.

I found this

So I guess we need to hope this gets resolved in Cubase 11.

The workaround I used was to drag my Chord Events onto an unused Instrument Track, render that and use it to build Melodyne’s internal Chord Track.

That’s a clever work-around. Any idea if Cubase 11 has resolved this?

Yes, Melodyne can use Cubase chord track in Cubase 11.

Oh excellent. Hadn’t checked on that yet.

Check this out, posted just earlier today: Melodyne in Cubase 11: Reshaping samples
As Dorothy said to Toto …

The only thing missing is the ability to bring the Melodyne chord track into Cubase. Of course, Studio One has this…

looks amazing, gonna try it out :slight_smile: