Getting More Ready-To-Use VST Effects Presets

I own Cubase Artist 8.5 and Halion 5.

When I load MonoDelay or StereoDelay as a VST insert, I am able to choose presets for these effects. But there aren’t very many presets. How can I get more ready-to-use presets for my existing FX, such as a bank of presets for Acoustic Guitar?

Thanks in advance!

We should have a preset exchange here, imo.

Would be kinda cool, and also offer a way for users to even have an online backup of our own presets if needed.

Great idea! When I’m doing demos, or when I’m not going to be the person doing the final mix, I don’t need to sit and create the perfect setting, I just want to grab an existing one and get back to creating.

The only one thing about presets is that they are better when they are descriptive … like average /peak level inout, instrument type, style, or even dominant frequency so that you can predict a certain response. Something to appropriate the presets in an organized way would be cool

QuadraFuzz, Magneto, and the transient designer come to mind as plugins where I would not mind flicking thru presets.