Getting my DAC


Just started to deal with installing the UR22 for my daughter.

As I understand there should be a code of 25 digits within the box of the product but for some reason it is missing.

How do I reproduce it? according to serial number?



No, you cannot reproduce it. Ask your local dealer, please.


Many thanks for your reply.

I have just got the elcc 32 digit number from the dealer.

I have entered it to the elcc and copied the soft elicenser number given.

Now I am trying to install the Cubase 8 EL but the download gives me an option to install only an update while I did not install it yet.

Further to that after finishing downloading the update files it says that no changes are needed.

I can not see Cubase 8 el installed on my computer threw the task manager.

How can I install the software and use it?

In addition, after I received a notice that the software was activated a reactivation option has appeared. Should I reactivate now?!



Was Cubase LE/AI/Elements installed on the computer already? If yes, you don’t need to install it again.

In the Task Manager, you can see only currently running applications. You shoul see it in Start menu.

Reactivation process is described here.

Thanks for the reply.

I wrote “task manager” by mistake. I meant the list of installed sofwares.

In this list I can see Halion, Padshop and others by Steinberg but no Cubase 8 LE.

I can not understand how come I get the “Activation status:Product activated on 11/12/2015 18:05” from the software register section in “my Steinberg” but I get no sofware ?!