Getting my licenses in order

In 2018 I bought a Zoom recording device that had a download code for cubase 9.5 LE.

I paid to upgrade it to Cubase Elements 10 full version. From there I was able to do a free upgrade to Elements 11.

I later uninstalled the software, and have been trying to install it again.

I installed the new download manager, and in “my product downloads” it has Elements 11, so I downloaded all the files, but none of my activation codes work.

I have activation codes from Cubase 9.5 LE and my upgrade to Cubase Elements 10. I have also tried downloading Elrments 10 but the code doesn’t work.

My next idea is to download 9.5 LE, use the original activation code and then go through the upgrade again, but I fear I’m going to get the same errors. Some of the errors said I can only use an activation code once.

Is there any way to get what I paid for? It’s the same computer. Would steinberg send me new activation codes?

Another issue is that when I go to my account on the website, under products it doesn’t list anything, as if I’ve never made a purchase. I have all the original emails and invoices.