Getting 'no license available error"

Upgrading to Cubase 11 Pro from Artist 10.5, and I can’t register my license. Getting the following error: “Currently, there is no license available which can be upgraded by your upgrade license. Please connect an USB-eLicenser, which hold an appropriate upgradeable license, to your computer.” Done maintenance tasks, everything looks ok. Also did Actions–>Recover. Nothing seems to work. Perhaps a silly question, but did I purchase and/or download the wrong upgradeable version? Can’t see that being the case, as invoice says, “Cubase Pro 11 Upgrade from Cubase Artist / Download Version,” which is exactly what I want. Help!

I have the same. We wait…

I posted this very same issue in other topic (upgrade from Artist 10.5 to Pro 11), so I share same pain as you.
We just need to wait.

One thing I noticed, maybe it’s nothing, but in eLicencer Control Center after entering the acivation code, in the box below the entered code, you can see that “Artist 10.5” is not mentioned, only all the Artist versions up to 10 + Artist 11are mentioned.
In the shop it is very clearly stated and also in the invoice (as mentioned by other writers) that I have bought upgrade from Artist 10.5 to Pro 11.

@Johan_M very good point about Artist 10.5 not being mentioned. Good possible clue.

As of today, it’s now working for me. I was able to do the upgrade from 10.5 Artist to 11 Pro, and boot up Cubase 11 Pro no problem.

I’m currently trying to upgrade from Cubase pro 10.5.20 to Cubase Pro 11. The site clearly states that the update applies to 10.5, but I get the exact same error, and all the available licenses are greyed out, including 10.5. Strangely, I received 2 different activation codes from Steinberg, but both give the same results: nothing. I don’t get why after spending all that money, one is rewarded with such a hassle.